NYVA STUDIO is a showcase of my photography and art projects that do not fit into specific categories in the Asian Male Project nor my Fine Art Paintings. They are less commercial in execution, and only in special cases, they can be bridge between something purely artistic and commercial. Usually, those projects are with designers and artists in mind. The work has to come about from relationships and from feelings that are deep within me.

Many of these projects are exploratory and introspective, meanwhile others are somewhat kitchy and non-sensical. Some of the works have been displayed in showrooms. In addition, many of the images can be scaled up without loss of detail.

Send me a message via email or give me a call if there is a project that you have in mind. Nearly all the works that you see are available as prints, wall art or limited edition prints. I would love to hear from you.


Norm Yip for NYVA STUDIO



Norm Yip Self-portrait